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Courses at Noah

Posted: Jul 23, 2019

Courses available at Noah for 2019-2020. Includes IT, ESOL, gardening, sewing and much more!

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The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch

Posted: May 20, 2019

Bring your own picnic, Fun & Games.

Category: Things To Do

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New Gates for the Methodist Church

New Gates for the Methodist Church

Posted: May 08, 2019

The main front gates at High Town’s Methodist Church disappeared many years ago – possibly as far back as early in the last century and now they've been replaced!

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High Town Living Advent Calendar

High Town Living Advent Calendar

Posted: Nov 29, 2018

Open Community Events throughout the month of December: singing, arts & crafts, live performances, walks, talks, food, dancing, games, movies, a litter pick and much more. It's a chance to try something new, meet your neighbours and celebrate the diversity and beauty in our local community.

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Your Say Your Way

Your Say Your Way Decision Day

Posted: Oct 01, 2018

This Saturday was High Town's Autumn 'Your Say Your Way' decision day. From 9.30am - 12.30pm in the Hightown Arts & Sports Community Centre local people came to hear about the projects that had applied for the £1250 made available through the scheme.

Luton Council, working with Beds & Luton Community Foundation and the EU Community Led Local Development fund, make £7500 available to several local wards in Luton to help support projects which make a difference in the local community. This Autumn in the High Town Ward, 11 local projects applied and presented their ideas.

The day is a brilliant opportunity to meet other local residents and groups engaged in making a difference in the neighbourhood. Each project is given 3 minutes to present their proposal followed by questions after which a vote is carried out by people in attendance to rank the importance of the project in improving the local area (this year there was also online voting that took place between 10th and 23rd September). This means that funding is allocated by you and me - the local residents who will hopefully see the visible differences of the funding.

This Saturday, the variety of projects on offer was typically impressive and unfortunately while not all projects were able to receive funding, 7 of the 11 projects were successful. The winners from this Saturday as voted by local people, in order, were:

1. Level Trust - providing 50 children at St Matthews with shoes and winter coats

2. People's Park Cafe CIC - towards costs to begin the process of transforming the disused pavilion in People's Park into a vibrant Community Cafe

3. Edible High Town - transforming the green space on the corner of Edward St and Kingston Rd into community allotments and a public growing space

4. High Town Festival Group - providing rides and activities for children at the festival which will be sustained year on year

5. High Town Methodist Church - towards costs of external gates on the church for security

6. Luton Irish Forum - Young people's gaming sessions at Ahh Geek Out. Open for 10-13 year olds once a week, and overseen by trained Youth-workers.

7. Friends of High Town (partial funding) - High Town in Bloom, a competition for local growers to show-off their public-facing gardens.

The projects who unfortunately didn't receive funding this year included:

Luton Heritage - producing signs and educational resources to celebrate High Town's heritage

Empowering Education - Supporting local women through skills-sessions and training

Big Sistah Mentoring - Offering mentoring and bespoke activities to girls between 8 and 18

Active Luton - Community Mindfulness sessions open to the community.

If you are involved in a local project that could benefit from this money towards a project that impacts the local community, stay tuned to hear about the upcoming dates for Your Say Your Way or to find out more about Your Say Your Way, and upcoming dates or current open applications for other areas of Luton click here:

For more about the projects or any other questions don't hesitate to get in touch with Sam Willis, the High Town Community Development Worker:

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